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Walk in Bathroom.jpg


Walk in Bathroom.jpg

Thinking of changing up your bathroom?

We provide free quotations, where we can help you create you create a bathroom you will love for years to come. We can support you through the entire process, from choosing your bathroom design, to the installation, right up to any aftercare.


We have had many years’ experience in commercial washrooms, wetrooms, cloakrooms and Bathrooms including our involvement in some great projects such as Café Boheme Toilets, Vovem Toilets, College Bar, Cheerz Bar and various Dingbo Sites to name a few.


At AJM we understand that both function and finishing touches are highly important and with different homes having different water systems, we can help point you in the right direction of which products suit your home best.


As a direct stockist for Roper Rhodes and Symphony by Aquadi, we have a great range of furniture options available with samples in house for that very important matching up process.


We will help find the perfect bathroom for you, with your preferences, space and budget in mind. The job can be managed from start to finish with all trades involved.


If you are looking for a change, come in and see our team and view our show bathrooms. We look forward to helping you.

Gallery with our projects.

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